Volume One, Issue Number Five.
MARCH 2010

Lasso by Juan Miguel Baluyut

Poetry Portraits
by Shannon Babic and Aldo Ellis

Stuff Cardinal Newman Students Like
by Lucas Bilbro and Kyle Evans

Shaping Up For The Olympics
by Henry Trione

Elliott Miller's Movie Review

Photo Essay, Homes of New Orleans
by Brendan Henderson

Portfolio of Charcoal Portraits

Profile of Bernadette Calhoun
by Henry Trione

!! Car of the Month !! by James Nead

Cover photograph by Robert Gingras

The photograph on this page taken by Stephanie Pires shows some of the seasonal beauty that is Sonoma County at this time of year. Click on the image to see it in full size. March will be an exciting month for the arts at Cardinal Newman and Ursuline High Schools. On the tenth of the month, Schooltimes will publish a special arts supplement describing the week-long Arts Alive festival that the two schools will be presenting.