Volume Number Two, Issue Number Two.

The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire
By Kyle Evans

The Visitors By Dustin Bigham.

The Ball Dude.

Elliott Miller's Movie Reviews.

Light Pollution By Ian Davison.

Two Paintings by Katie Bipes.

My Experiences Regarding Diversity By Ward Hoskins.

Dia De Los Muertos, Puntos Culturales
Por Ian Davison

My Memorial Day Experiences By Henry Trione.

Socrates, Odysseus and Ghandi, A Conversation
By Will Hanley.

Donation By Erin Clark.

Parting Shots
Photographs By Jennifer Bipes And Austin Unruh.

Images on cover and this page by Luke McNamee.


Welcome to the second issue of the second volume of SCHOOLTIMES online magazine. Hopefully, we have something for everybody in this issue. Henry Trione's piece The Ball Dude shows us a side of Mr. Kirk that many of us had not seen before. Elliott Miller's movie reviews are as always, a treasure and freshman Luke McNamee's two water images (cover and this page) are in many ways symbolic of the shift and movement presently felt within our community. We thank Mrs. Weng Reeder, Mr. Scharfen, Dr. Berry and Mr. Bonfigli for helping to direct some of their students' work to these pages.

The editor.