Volume Number Two, Issue Number Three.

The World I Come From By Peter Dotti.

Elliott Miller's Movie Review.

Conversation with Jaime Garcia By Henry Trione.

Moving Forward With Sound By Peter Dotti.

Bicycle Ride By John Piasta.

China. A Photo Essay By Kim Curran.

Driving Should Be Scary By Kyle Galbraith.

A Wave Of Pride To The Next Line By Daniele Citti.

Parting Shots.

The COVER image taken from the Cardinal Newman Christmas Card designed by Peter Boschetti and Ms. Frost.
The image of China's Great Wall was taken by Kim Curran and is from her photo essay.


Merry Christmas everybody, we hope you enjoy perusing these pages over the holidays. Thanks to all our contributors and to Mrs. Calhoun for her tech support.

The editor.