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   After the human race had died out a new race has appeared called clockworkers. They were almost identical to humans except for one exceptional feature—they had a clock on their wrist which counted down to the time of their death. Many of the historians who studied the human race had made discoveries of humans who had written stories about them which was incredibly admired since they had never actually existed before. For everyone, they had learned since birth that their clock would never falter and everyone believed it.

   There were lots of conspiracy theories that the government was just using them as experiments. There wasn’t any legitimate proof of any of those things happening, but some few people thought of it as science.

   There was one boy who didn’t exactly believe it but also didn’t exactly think it was false either. He was named Sido, which meant stuck in Latin because he was more than just stuck, his clock was. He never told anyone because he was afraid of what “they” would do to him. He had decided he would do some research because he was dying to know what he was and why his clock didn’t work. He thought he was sick or maybe he would discover something scary, but he couldn’t not search for answers. One day he went to the library to the secret back room that only a few people knew about. He found a woman who worked there to help him and he found a few more books that he had never seen. There was one which had a big green jewel on it so he looked in that one and when he opened it a note fell out that read, “Sido, I know you don’t know me, but I know you and I know what is wrong with your clock, and you need to hurry.” There was an address so he immediately ran out, grabbed his bike, and started riding. It was a few towns over so it took him a while and when he finally arrived it was an old school with only a few classrooms. He went to the front office and surprisingly there was someone actually there despite it being the weekend. He talked and told the woman his name and she immediately looked scared but told him that her husband had talked about him. Just then, her husband appeared and told him to talk to him in exactly a week at 11:42 pm.

   Sido was apprehensive but came back exactly a week later and the man jumped up behind him and scared him. The man finally introduced himself and told Sido that his name was Marcus. Marcus gave Sido a book with the same jewel as the book where he found the note. He was told to run with it, so he went to this nearby park where he found a tree to lean against. Because it was the middle of the night, there was no one nearby and he opened it. The first sentence read, “This information could be harmful so read at your own risk.” He decided that he had come too far not to find out what this was. He started the first chapter and became more and more enthralled as he read. As he read the last page it said, “No one actually changes and they never have. They are all just an illusion of our imagination. We are all humans. Humans have always existed and always will.” He dropped the book, looked at his clock which was going at super speed and he collapsed to the ground as his clock hit zero.

   The secret had finally been revealed.