Volume One, Issue Number Four


Charge Of The Light Brigade

Elliott Miller's Movie Review

Profile of Jeff Scharfen by Henry Trione

El Tenis por Gienna Michel Gonnella

Everyone Has A Story by Juan Miguel Baluyut

!!The Car Of The Month!! by Stephanie Pires

The Eyes Have It by Max Friedauer

Shapes by Henry Trione

Duck by Juan Miguel Baluyut

Cover Image by Gienna Michel Gonnella

Click on this image by Felicia Afuan to see a larger rendition.
Welcome to the first issue of SCHOOLTIMES for the new decade. Felicia Afuan's beautiful image shown above, aptly symbolises the transition from the discomforts of the winter to the hopes of spring. A contribution from one of Mrs. Weng-Reeder's AP Spanish students, marks this as the first multilingual issue. Also, this issue sees the beginning of another exclusive new series. !!The Car Of The Month!! These vehicles most likely will never be featured on Newman News.