Volume one, issue number three.


Image by Felicia Afuan
Welcome to the third issue of Schooltimes. This may become known as the music issue as we have an abundance of music related content this month. Our regular features are all here. The Profile (this time of Mr. Stewart Clark), Henry Trione's "Shape Up" cartoon and Elliott Miller's movie review. The movie review deserves special attention as it is the first time that Mr. Miller has awarded an A to the subject of one of his reviews. It must be really worth seeing. Special thanks to Lisa Skelly for allowing us to use her pastel painting of the school for our cover. It was also used for the school Christmas card and the original can be seen hanging in Mr.Truesdell's office. If you are wondering why the candles have not yet been lighted in Felicia Afuan's image on this page, please wonder no more. We will light them on Christmas eve so check back then.
We wish you all a Merry Christmas, a happy holiday and we will be back with you in 2010.